10 Points Plan against Ransomware

10 Points Plan against Ransomware You have heard about Cryptolocker Infection over the news? In this article you can learn more about this type of malware and receive tips and suggestions on how to protect your company against Ransomware. Reading time 5 minutes. What is Ransomware? Over the past few years, we have witnessed the[…]

Cybersecurity Glossary

In an increasingly interconnected world where societies depend on digital infrastructure, cyber security is becoming increasingly relevant. The fact that data breaches are becoming increasingly frequent and hacker attacks on power suppliers are successful shows the impact that insufficient cyber security can cause. In this glossary you will find a condensed overview of the most[…]

Disaster Recovery

The resilience of your essential business processes Our goal: maintaining your company’s ability to act in a worst-case scenario. After an emergency, mission-critical data, applications and complete systems should be quickly available again. Such an emergency usually represents a crisis for the company. The implementation of these a requirement is divided into several aspects: Providing[…]


Why Zerto? Zerto facilitates your strategic challenges in the data center: Business Continuity Strategie Disasters such as a ransomware infection, a fire in the data center, or downtime caused by human error lose their dread with Zerto. Business Continuity describes a strategy for maintaining continuous and trouble-free operations. This also includes the availability of essential[…]