Direct Flash: The new generation of flash memory

Direct Flash: The new generation of flash memory Flash devices allow companies to provide fast storage on-premises. This can be particularly helpful for hybrid architectures. Processes that require low latency and high bandwidth are hosted locally using flash memory. Less demanding applications – including “cold” data sets – are migrated to the cloud. Pure Storage[…]

IT Budget for Cloud Computing

IT budget for Cloud Computing Anyone wishing to expand their IT infrastructure with cloud resources – be it in the form of a private, public or hybrid cloud – quickly realizes that this shift requires a re-orientation of the IT budget – especially the evaluation of cloud computing. Cloud services cost accounting follows different rules[…]

Azure File Sync

Azure File Sync Up to now, many hybrid cloud scenarios have been acceptable at best. With Azure File Sync, Microsoft presents what is a milestone and paves the way for File Services into the world of hybrid clouds. Reading time: 12 minutes. With File Sync, cloud storage does not play the role of a storage component[…]

Containers and Docker – What are they anyway?

Containers and Docker – What are they anyway? Starting with the development community, the terms Mircoservices, Containers and Dockers are spilling through the IT world. We try to provide an understandable, abstract overview for IT management. Reading time 10 minutes. When we speak of the three terms above, we find ourselves in the domain of[…]

The Cloud World Market Leaders

The Cloud World Market Leaders Cloud Services are ubiquitous, and two companies in particular were able to build a name for themselves: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. If you want to know how the two vendors differ and which one fits you best, this article will provide you with everything you need to know. Reading[…]

Roadmap Cloud

Roadmap Cloud Author: Carsten Reffgen The introduction of new technologies is always a challenge as much as a risk for IT executives. With cloud computing there are additional issues as cloud computing changes processes and the collaboration with other departments. In the following, we provide an overview and suggestions as to which subjects fall in[…]

Pure Storage

Pure Storage – Performance Boost for your infrastructure The All Flash wave will herald end of “rotating disks” in the near future. Both the consumer and data center sector are gradually conquered by flash memory at the moment. That is not a surprise as Flash technology outperforms HDDs in terms of read access times, power[…]

Server & Storage

Compute and Storage – individually tailored for your data center If necessary, your server must be up to full speed immediately and always run smoothly – the perfect engine. Each application has different requirements for the server. You will meet these individual technical requirements for operations with our advice. In doing so, we put emphasis[…]


openQRM – the universal solution for your data center Recapture the sovereignty The demands on a modern data center are manifold. Multiple user access from various locations. Different hypervisors for different workloads and an interface to the cloud. This means a data center is where it all comes together. Without effective management, this can become[…]