Amazon Web Services

Backup to the Cloud

Your data call the shots!

If backups and archives are stored on-premises, you need to accurately forecast the storage capacity required for the next few years. Otherwise space can quickly become scarce. In any case, a high advance payment is made to procure storage which will not be used any time soon.

No longer! Move your data to the AWS cloud. While you store “hot” files, you access frequently and require low latency for, on-premises, backups and archives are simply moved to the cloud. You can store as much data as needed and only play for what you actually use. Requirements planning? It’s obsolete!

Understandably, many companies are afraid to move their data all across the Internet into the cloud – or you are lacking the bandwidth? AWS provides many services that bridge those issues.

The flexibility of the cloud

Your backups will go through a natural lifecycle throughout their presence. Shortly after creation they are used comparatively often. But as time passes you access your backups less frequently.
AWS lifecycle policies allow you to model this usage pattern in the cloud. You define rules according to which AWS automatically moves data sets from storage tier to storage tier or deletes elements if desired. This saves times and money.

If you want to make use of the flexibility of the cloud, feel free to contact us!

You want to use the flexibility of the cloud?
Feel free to contact us!