openQRM – the universal solution for your data center

Recapture the sovereignty

The demands on a modern data center are manifold. Multiple user access from various locations. Different hypervisors for different workloads and an interface to the cloud.

This means a data center is where it all comes together. Without effective management, this can become a threat to the company. With the help of openQRM, this administration becomes possible.


The Brain of the IT sytem

The openQRM software can be installed on a Linux server as well as on VMs. There it acts as an interface to the data center, allocates compute, network and storage capacity to hypervisors (HyperV, VMware, KVM and many more supported) and connects to cloud services.

The core idea of openQRM is to disguise the hardware level of the data center. This allows system administrators to gradually transfer existing IT infrastructure into a new system. Be it on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid.

Another advantage of openQRM is its compatibility with numerous software packages. Without any costly changes, the software can immediately be used.

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