Ransomware Protection

Proactively against infection – with EOS & Zerto

Ransomware attackers are increasingly targeting companies, the “big shots”. NAS and mass storage devices are purposely encrypted to extort high ransoms.

Proactive defense and protective schemes are better than reactive measures after an incident because:

  • Encrypted data is sometimes non-recoverable. Many victims report that decryption is not performed, even if the ransom has been paid.
  • Often we encounter so-called “Zero-Day Malware”. That is malware capable of infiltrating your security systems because it is not yet known to the security systems. Therefore cannot be detected as malicious by firewalls and antivirus programs.

Imagine that you could turn back time, to the very point the infection struck and that within seconds. You could recover all critical systems in minutes with just a few clicks.

With EOS and our partner for Ransomware, Zerto, time travel becomes reality.

In addition, not only complete applications and databases can be recovered consistently. But we also have the ability to restore with such high granularity that individual files or directories from a Windows VM can be restored.

You can perform failover tests at any time without affecting performance. That way you know you can bring the company back online immediately, if needed.

Use off-site cloning for long-term data preservation in the cloud or on-site, in addition to your continuous data protection of up to 30 days.

Any question on how this can be done? Feel free to contact us!

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About our partner Zerto

In today’s world, companies must be available 24/7/365 for their customers. Zerto provides resilience for evolving IT to ensure that businesses and their customers always have access to applications without disruption, downtime or delays. Zerto’s award-winning cloud continuity platform, which protects thousands of businesses worldwide, is the simplest and most reliable BC/DR software solution. It is designed to protect applications on a virtualized IT environment, be it in the public, private or hybrid cloud. It is Zerto’s proactive approach to recovery that gives companies confidence in their ability to withstand any disruption, integrate new technologies easily and adapt quickly to evolving IT trends.

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