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Compute and Storage – individually tailored for your data center

If necessary, your server must be up to full speed immediately and always run smoothly – the perfect engine. Each application has different requirements for the server. You will meet these individual technical requirements for operations with our advice. In doing so, we put emphasis on keeping an eye on cost limits. By choosing the right server system together with you, we keep the balance between performance and cost efficiency.

In every IT network there are nodes that have to be resilient and tear-resistant. This includes, first and foremost, storage systems. Failures would cause damage throughout the company and therefore costs. That is why we pay the highest attention to quality and safety.

Enterprise Open Systems offers proven systems from leading technology manufacturers. Whether you want to be connected via network storage (NAS) or via Fiber Channel (SAN) depends on the practical requirements of your application.
Together with the customer, our experienced specialists find the ideal storage solution that is customized to your needs.

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