Why Zerto?

Zerto facilitates your strategic challenges in the data center:

Business Continuity Strategie

Disasters such as a ransomware infection, a fire in the data center, or downtime caused by human error lose their dread with Zerto. Business Continuity describes a strategy for maintaining continuous and trouble-free operations. This also includes the availability of essential IT services at all points in time.

  • Rapid availability of your IT services after a disaster
  • High availability of your servers and applications in case of faults
  • Backup and data protection on multiple targets simultaneously

Your Cloud Strategy

Many companies notice the trend towards cloud computing and also want to use cloud services for their IT as quickly as possible. However, since cloud providers and their ecosystems are unexplored territory for most IT teams, instead of a “fly solo” we recommend to contest the path to the cloud with a buddy – Zerto.

  • Migration of your servers into the cloud – for example AWS or Azure
  • Of course without downtime
  • Rollback at the touch of a button – get your server from the cloud back to your data center (currently for Azure)

What does Zerto do?

erto replicates your data center virtually and continuously to one or more destinations of your choice. Be it to your local data center or the cloud. This means that the original can be restored at any time during the last 30 days – granular from complete applications to individual directories of a Windows VM.

Would you like to learn more about Zerto? Contact us here.

Would you like to learn more about Zerto?
Contact us here!